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CCTV Interview



Silently adhere to seventeen years, he used ingenuity to create the world brand of Chinese masks, he used the quality of life interpretation of the highest meaning.








China is proud of its brand, and the world is proud of its brand. The world's major events must be done in detail, and the world's difficult things must be done easily. Half a year ago, many people thought that masks were ordinary labor protection products. However, there was an enterprise that stuck to this industry for 17 years. It not only obtained a number of national patents, but also stopped working for almost a year last year to wait for the European standard upgrade certification How to stick to the same quality in a special period, and how can the quality of a great power voice in the world and embody the responsibility of a great power? Today, Mr. Cao haoquan, chairman of Guangzhou Weini Technology Development Co., Ltd., is here to share with us the story of Chinese quality guarding life.












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